Bookstore Poem #126. Revolutions are in/convenient

This is a repost. Admittedly, it’s not very poem-like, but… Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park. Despite the title [and refrain], this ended up being a general rumination on war and violence. Revolutions are in/convenient. The disarray and chaos stirred up by the revolution, if done right, will be sucked up and swept away in [...]

Repost: An open letter to the Puritans (a poem)

Upon learning that my state has an anti-abortion bill in committee that not only bans abortion from the moment of conception but also declares the state exempt from federal laws and federal court rulings, it’s time to repost this. (I have replicated my subsequent edits, so this version matches the one included in my newest [...]

Misdirections (a poem)

I wrote this earlier this evening while at a poetry reading… Colours often do not say what they mean pointing several shades over in either direction causing confusion among those who can’t tell the difference dissatisfying everyone else Feelings often do not say what they mean bursting forth to deflect from what lies underneath where [...]

Haze of the last of the day (a poem)

Putting out fires in my dreams now, apparently… 1 I put out a fire that makes no smoke             generates no heat                         has no flame I am brave, and sweating with the effort             as I look around                         and wonder what I’m doing This time I don’t mind not waking up right away [...]