Thirty-eight lines about desire (a poem)

Back to the typewriter for a bit this afternoon.

feeding the loom
to weave the camouflage
behind which we are unrecognisable
and given to exaggeration
given enough time

leads me to the street
you wrote about in that song
but doesn’t tell me where it is
so I get lost
and wander

preying upon memories
of a where and when
we recall as being better
when we’re not looking
from the proper angle

in lines and circles
running everywhere
a race to an end
we all want to reach
but never want to finish

we want her
because not wanting her
feels like giving up
and this cannot be all there is
can there?

I am wandering
I am wondering
I am watching my thoughts
scatter in all directions
not knowing

Desire is patient
but waits for no one

(26 May 2019)

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