Update-type stuff

Here is the latest poop from Kevin-land:

• As I mentioned in a post about a week and a half ago, I got my Pulitzer entry in early this year. I know that the chances of a self-published book of poetry winning a Pulitzer Prize are pretty slim, but I still think it’s worth a shot.

• I am currently putting together a new collection, which I am considering submitting to a couple of different competitions for full-length poetry manuscripts. The working title is The Ostensible Sloth of Distress. Yes, it is a pretentious title—and that’s on purpose. (I have something of a story about this; I will save it for later.)

• My success in meeting this month’s writing challenge being difficult to measure, I am going to give myself a break for June. My writing challenge (as such) for the will be to start with titles.

• On my proper web site, I am going to add a poet of the month to the slider, starting June 1st.

Argh! The cat wants something. That will be all for now…

(30 May 2017)