Sunday morning 5 x 5

I got off to a weirdly early start this morning—including checking the Poetry Marathon website for interesting prompts that came after hour 12. The hour 17 prompt (basically the same as the hour 4 prompt, but with different photos—I chose this one by Wei Ding), combined with the Paddy McAloon/Prefab Sprout song ‘I Trawl the [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Twelve: We forged on…

My Hour 12 poem—and that's a wrap. The prompt was to do an erasure poem, so I went to the photograph I'd taken a few weeks back of p. 143 from Cosey Fanni Tutti’s art sex music (Faber & Faber, 2017): We forged on— artists, poets and musicians He was wild dangerous and uncompromising I [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Eleven: Dear Kevin who likes to take shortcuts sometimes

My Hour 11 poem. The prompt was to write a poem in the form of a letter to a past self. I knew exactly which one to pick… Okay, we have to talk Every few years you try to save yourself time or effort by taking shortcuts You know what I’m talking about— don’t even [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Ten: After breakfast

My Hour 10 poem. The prompt was to use at least five of the following words: canteen – dock – fir – hush – moonbeam – shelf – damn – coffee – concrete – fog The coffee at the canteen’s no damn good, you know I think the supplier slipped the kitchen super a bag [...]

2019 Poetry Marathon, Hour Nine: The mortgaged heart

My Hour 9 poem. 1 Somehow I’ve never thought to say anything it’s hard to complain when the terms have never been disclosed and you don’t know who holds the note or when it’s supposed to come due I guess I’ve always figured the payments will eventually get to the right person 2 Is every [...]