National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 15

My Day 15 poem, based on the prompt at, brought out my inner curmudgeon.

If there’s something I have no interest in
I know I will be doomed to confront it
on a daily basis

Sometimes it is an ordinary part
of my regular day
like the weeds growing in front of my house

You know, if we’d just let them grow
until they fill this yard and the next
they wouldn’t be weeds anymore

They’d be fields and flower beds
and bow gently in the afternoon breeze
and nobody’d give it a second thought

Sometimes I have to hear about it
because everybody and their mother is talking
and it makes the papers

These weeds of pointless stories
threaten to overtake the green, green grass
of the the important news of the day


University of Kansas basketball

David Mamet
the recap of last night’s SNL

superhero movies:
Marvel or DC?

conversations about Important Topics
that get so fixated on minutiae
that nobody knows what the main point is anymore

complaints about people
who could easily be avoided
by changing the channel
or, you know, by not talking about them in the first place

the GOP
(I know this contradicts my last point—
that’s sort of the point)

I don’t know

Maybe I’ll go outside
and do some weeding

(15 April 2022)



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