National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 13

My Day 13 poem, loosely based on the prompt at

It’s that feeling you get
only with a really good stretch

You know, the kind of stretch
that makes your cat extend its legs
that much farther
and then they shake a little

It’s not quite passing out
but it almost feels like
your mind is about to implode

And then you put your arms down
and sit there for a few moments
just sort of melting

(Don’t try to repeat the stretch—
you won’t be able to get that feeling again
until tomorrow, at the earliest)

I don’t know what you call that feeling
but I’ll bet that there’s a word for it
in German

(12 April 2022—posted 13 April 2022)


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  1. Ahh…that feeling. I know- the imagery of the ‘cat stretching its front legs and then shaking a little’, explained it perfectly.

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