National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 10

My Day 10 poem, based on the prompt at

Don’t talk to me about love—
or so the song goes

Some days I’m convinced
that I know so little about the subject
that it’s not even worth discussing

Other days I wonder
if it’s really all that important

I decide that it is
but I still don’t know anything more about it

Whatever it is
I think that love and I
have reached an understanding (of sorts)

Love used to draw me in
firing on all cylinders

I’d approach with all the enthusiasm
of a cat being stuffed into a carrier

But then I’d miss her when she’d gone

Now we’re content
to regard each other from a distance—
all of the feelings, none of the entanglement

And when we’re ready
we know where we are…

(10 April 2022)


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  1. This image : “of a cat being stuffed into a carrier.” will stay with me for a long time! Glad to read you found your way to Love minus the entanglements. A lovely read.

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