Exploded view (excerpt) (a poem)

From a longer poem; I’m not yet sure the first part is necessary.

In the days since
we have seen the crowds
with their flags and their hats

We have seen new atrocities
from new angles
cut up for consumption
after being dumped like sides of beef
on a walk-in freezer table

And we have consumed

We have listened to the commentary
of astonished anchors and pundits

How could this happen?
Where was the National Guard?
Where is the President?

Is this the end of the Republic?

Is this going to happen again?

And we have retreated to our corners
huddled with our chosen tribes
glued to the screens of our chosen devices
confirming our suspicions
about the other side—
          of course that’s what they’d do!

What is wrong with these people?

The world falls apart in unexpected ways
while we scramble
to keep the expected ways together

We’ve had heavy rains lately
creating a higher risk of landslides

They say we should avoid
travelling through affected areas

          Is this going to happen again?

(12 January 2021—posted January 15th)

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