Week 2/Day 5. Fly away (a poem)

This is my fifth poem of week two of the online retreat. 

A penguin, a panda, a porcupine, and a platypus
walk into a bar; the bartender thinks she’s hallucinating.

The old man at the other end of the bar asks the porcupine
if he can borrow a quill for his cocktail; the porcupine says no,
he’s writing a letter to his mother before he goes to bed.

The penguin waddles over to the jukebox and puts in a quarter.
“Haven’t you ever heard of email?”

The panda interrupts: “Hey! Don’t play Meat Loaf again!
I’m sick of that song!”

The platypus nurses his beer. He doesn’t have
anything to say—plus he likes Meat Loaf.

The sound of a gentle guitar pours out of the jukebox;
the penguin closes his eyes and sways.

“John Denver again?!” The panda sighs.
“You know you’re never gonna fly, right?”

“I know,” says the penguin.
“But I can dream.”

The platypus looks up from his beer.
“Not so fast there, Tex.

“I’m a platypus, you’re a penguin, Gil’s a porcupine,
and Reg is a panda. We’re in a bar, and
you’re playing John Denver on a jukebox.

“Where’s the joke?”

(16 October 2020)

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