Week 2/Day 4. Modern myth (a poem)

This is my fourth poem of week two of the online retreat.

We have mythmakers in our midst;
they make merry whilst misery multiplies,
dead and dying on either side.

The old stories talk about Nero fiddling,
and the Roman Senate being the best that money could buy;
if he’d been there, I’m sure Sisyphus would have loved
to step aside and let the rock tumble—
walls come tumbling down!

Today’s tale-tellers talk of trials and tumult,
and imagine walls that have never been built,
dead and dying on either side.

The new stories cast the mythmaker-in-chief
as the conquering hero thwarting the ministrations
and malfeasances of miserablists prone to snatching
defeat from the jaws of victory—
anyone for a slice?

The history of past, present, and future may depend
on what we do here.

May we undo what must be undone.

(15 October 2020)

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