National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 27 made me their featured participant today for my Day 26 poem. Woo-hoo!. Meanwhile, I followed the prompt for Day 27: writing a ‘poetic review of something that isn’t normally reviewed.’ Technically, the subject I chose is being constantly reviewed, but there you go…

The nightmare is always the same

The running tally sits in one corner of the screen
the bottom declares the story they’ve been reporting for the last 13 weeks
and the development they’re repeating for the 37th time today

The outraged voice outrage until they’re outrageous
(or until they have to go to commercial break)
everybody’s got a point and they’re going to—
let me finish…

Some don’t seem too sure exactly how outraged they are—
their signs say they want freedom
(and haircuts—don’t forget the haircuts)
but they’re all staying in their cars

Meanwhile, nobody gives a second thought
to the man in the mask—
this year’s new fashion accessory—
it’s Halloween all year ’round now

Most of the audience have settled in
under soft blankets on comfy sofas
but they’re tired of the commercials—
and didn’t the circus call it quits a few years ago?

Which is where we have to talk about the emcee—
the real down note of the whole enterprise
he has clearly lost control of the program
and, by the looks of it, stood a little too close to the spotlight

His experience as an apprentice
does not seem to have prepared him at all
for the real thing—
but he has turned out to be quite the Clorox pitchman

All major networks
Seasons: 1
Episodes: TBD
Running time TBD

(26 April 2020—posted April 27)

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