National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 26

Back to the prompt for Day 26: filling out an ‘almanac questionnaire’ and basing a poem on the responses.

Outside grey and cloudy
he’s got to cut back the daffodils in a day or two—
this 57-year-old male human
in pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt
must maintain his house’s shipping container chic

He was doing social distancing
before social distancing was cool

A child’s dreams of musical fame
are no match for stray rocks on the street
perfect for kicking down the road

They would have rolled far
down Brighton or Graham
where a purple bicycle could get up to 35

For now, he has words to write
words to change, words to cut
words to paste, and words to send everywhere

It beats state ferry picture postcards
and letters that come just late enough
to reopen the wounds

The universe does love its little conspiracies
it disguises them well
but the evidence is everywhere

The faint hum of car engines on the other side
has him looking out the window
at his own car, longing for the open road

He knows who he’d go looking for
but most of them would be
beyond his reach

He’d get just far enough to realize
only that he was a few blocks away
from where he started

The headlines say we can expect
several more months of this
the undisputed king of inadvertent preparedness is ready

(26 April 2020)

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