National Poetry Writing Month 2020, Day 2

The prompt for day 2: write a poem about a specific place —  a particular house or store or school or office. Try to incorporate concrete details, like street names, distances (“three and a half blocks from the post office”), the types of trees or flowers, the color of the shirts on the people you remember there.’

It is one of about three hundred
in a tract of land
about 15 blocks square in the real world
but all chopped up and rearranged
like falling dominoes

From a distance
it’s a converted shipping container
all corrugated metal
with a few windows
and a covered porch out front

the walls are dark brown woodgrain
the floor 1973 shag in so many colors
anything you drop is lost for eternity
until that morning you forget to put on slippers

The chandelier is 5 ft 2
in a 5 ft 10 world—
someday my forehead will bear the scars
because I do not see
what is right in front of me

It’s a little beat up around the edges
lines not as straight as they used to be
and sometimes at angles
not normally observed in nature
or modern cities

I will have work to do

This is not a special house
but it’s quiet
it’s paid for
and now it’s mine—
and, it seems, just in time

(1 April 2020—posted April 2)




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