Not so funny anymore (A poem)

Those who forget the past…

It’s not so funny anymore
when farce becomes fascism
and converts assemble by the hundreds

Shades of 1938
a new Kristallnacht for the New World Order
the new Führer’s will be done

The scared and the skeptical look on
frozen in place by fear and absurdity
Surely, no one can take this seriously…

Shouting and raised fists fill the screen
unbelievable scenes quickly unfold
reasonable voices outnumbered and shouted down

At the front of the room
the puffy-faced oompa-loompa with the impossible hair
pounds his fists and condemns them, undesirables all

The joke has crossed a dangerous line
the DTs have finally taken hold
It’s not so funny anymore

(22 November 2015—posted November 23)