Frontispiece (A poem)

A bit of stream-of-consciousness writing while watching an episode of Sleepy Hollow

Mint fresh
stretched out beyond

The Capricorn tunic
lit by the lantern’s glow

History’s marks
bind us together
as they tear us asunder

Quizzical looks
mask hurt feelings

False verses
Spanish chains

Split type
stack demands
contained herein
to consecrate ambiguity
for the sake of the calling

Escape cannot be defined
by mere wishes

Shapes seen by the witness
will morph to blanch the darkness
observing time

The hollow
will swell beyond proportion
before squeezing shut
the palm that holds
the metamorphosis at bay

Leaves wrinkle
in autumn dark
the extrapolate
a convincing Hartoum
between thin green stripes

In abandon
gates shall open
so that we may
enter alight

(8 November 2015—posted November 9)

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