Cortege (a poem)

Today’s prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano is to write in a different way than usual, whether that be in a different form or style, using different imagery or words, etc. The poem I wrote just before this one probably achieves that goal more successfully—but I like this one better. It was inspired by a couple of Jon Hassell pieces (Last Night the Moon Came and Amsterdam Blue (Cortege)) I was listening to on Pandora…

Last night the moon came
Condensation formed on the window pane
the occasional droplet making a convoluted path down the glass
before falling onto a solitary leaf
waiting several feet below

Lights across the way passively sparkled
a function of angles, line of sight
and the arc of Luna’s trajectory
among the stars in the midnight sky
before another droplet began its descent

The blue of Amsterdam in a fictitious tale
shelters the woman from intrusive glances
as she glides along an empty street
guided by the moon in the midnight sky
toward a place she once knew as home

Beneath the covers, he now lies still
the moon has come to say her last goodbye
one last kiss through a dewy window
before the lonely woman in Amsterdam blue
closes the curtains one last time

(27 May 2015)

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