Huile sur l’eau (a poem)

Inspired by a photograph I shot today. The slick one liquid sits atop the other the melted rainbow a remnant of refraction and a failure to mix Happenstance has me here on this day when the rain is falling Maybe it’s just weather— maybe I suspect the man with the striped umbrella isn’t from around [...]

when I have entire imaginary conversations in my head but fail to detect the pattern because it has become so adept at camouflage (or what she doesn’t know has nothing to do with what I don’t know) (a poem)

This is either really daring or utter crap. on this side of the line meaning twists like fine twine fraying stray threads the entire way     /////     I am easily seduced by her disembodied voice offering me American gothic and psych-ward romance but promising me nothing     /////     wide-eyed innocence meets imminent breakdown     /////     I am besotted     [...]

Lights out (a poem)

Ready for bed. Lights out Let the dark come to your aid as it does every night silencing the daytime asking for nothing in return but sleep (and maybe an overture or two) Lights out Thoughts resist but that’s what they do Have you ever known a thought to simply go along with anything? It’s [...]