Lights out (a poem)

Ready for bed.

Lights out
Let the dark
come to your aid
as it does every night
silencing the daytime
asking for nothing in return
but sleep
(and maybe an overture or two)

Lights out
Thoughts resist
but that’s what they do
Have you ever known a thought
to simply go along
with anything?
It’s not unheard of
but only when it already agrees

Lights out
The wind of the last road
will be there in the morning
Roads go everywhere
but have a habit of not leaving
without being torn up
They can take a lot
but not that

Lights out
and maybe what comes next
will be a surprise
It almost has to be—
we can have our suspicions
but still can’t predict the future

Lights out
Forget everything else
close your eyes
and listen to the rain
or pretend…

When the light comes back
everything will be different
for a moment

(23 October 2018)

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