ART 53, day 42

This Is Fifty-Three, day 42 Discovering that my more elaborate manipulations of stroke width in InDesign are not surviving the export to PDF (from which they simply disappear)—or even to JPEG (in which they form partial blocks bearing no resemblance to what I had been seeing on my monitor)—I worked a bit more on the cover [...]

ART 53, day 41

This Is Fifty-Three, day 41 More minor stuff. There were a couple of shorter poems I wanted to add, but did not want to delete anything to make room. Then it occurred to me to do it MAD Magazine style, sort of—i.e., in the margins. As I tried it in a couple of places, I didn’t [...]

ART 53, day 40

This Is Fifty-Three, day 40 Yesterday was focused on preparing a ‘just the words’ version of the book—in part because I know the full-color edition will necessarily be more expensive, so I want to have an alternative available, and in part as a backup in case I run into any problems producing the book the way I [...]

ART 53, day 39

This Is Fifty-Three, day 39 Minor stuff today… This afternoon, I alternated among making soup, copy editing, and working on a poster. In between, I took another look at the book, as I wanted to put in two or three more recent poems. This was accomplished by replacing poems already in the book with these [...]

ART 53, day 38

This Is Fifty-Three, day 38 Scanning day! Today I re-scanned the photos affected by Newton's rings. A couple of the older photos, shot on Impossible PX100 black-and-white film, have deteriorated in the time since my original scans, necessitating some clean-up—and calling the time-saving aspect of re-scanning into question. Here is one example, a photo of a couple [...]

ART 53, days 36 & 37

This Is Fifty-Three, days 36 & 37 Nothing terribly exciting… Spent yesterday and today editing photos. In most cases, it was a simple matter of adjusting levels and converting to CMYK. A few photos also required some retouching—reducing or removing noise or blemishes, getting rid of unnecessary backgrounds, that sort of thing. I identified four [...]

ART 53, days 33–35

This Is Fifty-Three, days 33–35 A few more small changes… Apart from a few minor bits and pieces, I added a couple of poems, deleted a couple of poems—and one of InDesign’s unexpected crashes deleted one spread for me (in that the original spread was not recoverable—though I probably still could retrieve it from my [...]

ART 53, day 32

This Is Fifty-Three, day 32 Back at it this here Monday, following the weekend of poetry readings (minus one)… Added a couple poems, moved a couple of poems, replaced a couple photos, and re-thought a couple of type choices. Pretty uneventful—and InDesign crashed only a couple of times (doing much better once I had restarted my [...]

ART 53, day 31

This Is Fifty-Three, day 31 Given this generally horrible week, no money to go out and do anything, and no sign yet of the rest of that copy-editing material that has been delayed on the other end, I figured I would put in some work on the book… Today I mainly focused on incorporating a few [...]