Not lost, but manifest (a poem)

I have decided to stop watching Manifest—and for the same reason I stopped watching Blindspot (also on NBC): so unrelentingly morose, enough to make thirtysomething and My So-Called Life seem positively giddy… Deep scenes unrelenting atmosphere the dramatis personae adrift from plot to plot The play’s the thing and the thing is they’re all so serious the boat [...]

Dreamspoke (a poem)

Before I get down to work… Dreams have a nasty habit of talking to me when I sleep then complaining that I never listen How can I hear anything in a language I don’t understand? I don’t know when they’ll be back but I am listening… (6 January 2019) I have books available. Links to [...]

The third (a poem)

Gave myself a bit more room this evening… Three days in three days down three days gone by Every hundredweight shuffling down the stairs thinks some numbers are magic and some have no business in elevators or high-rise buildings I know you can’t really count on a streak of luck trifectas or the edge of [...]