Vintage 1963 (a poem)

Another weird day—I’ll leave it at that… Too tight here too loose here Fraying threads uneven edges More wrinkling every day Fabric tearing no longer stretching Scratchy Brittle in the sunlight damp in the shade Colours faded, yellowing stains not coming out deepening with age Ill-fitting Comical in appearance one might even say embarrassing But [...]

Error messages (a poem)

What a weird day—in an oddly unremarkable way… 1 Imagine the voice of the actor stuttering stumbling over the explanation Keep doing it over keep doing it wrong 2 Imagine the voice of the actor improvising lines that don’t match up Keep doing it over keep doing it wrong 3 All those lines crossed going [...]

Two-story (a poem)

So I did write something this morning. Inspired by this photo… Blank as a concrete wall detailed as the minute textures brushed across the d(r)ying surface I don’t need to see Cracks the height of the façade will let in all sorts of light to keep me dreaming (11 March 2019) I have books available. [...]

Bookstore Poem #507

…and because Mercury has been in retrograde since last week… Welcome to retrograde where everything that can go wrong will everything you expected to go wrong might and there’s no reasonable explanation for either All plans are called into question all questions are considered plans and all considerations are questionable Nothing goes and everything goes— [...]