I had another dream in which I inadvertently had a drink (a poem)

I’m shocked and appalled—a new poem…

Was that before or after I pushed the line of late 70s Oldsmobiles over the crest of the hill?
The couple in their muted earth-tone power suits barely got out of the way in time.
The entire trail, from windy incline to steep, straight drop, was already at a standstill.
Three o’clock comes early, and I seem to wake up for it every night.
But I’ll be damned if I’m ever fully awake before nine.
I am a creature of habit, however weird the habit may be.
That doesn’t explain, however, why it’s so windy out today.
Either way, this new case has plenty of openings.

(28 January 2023; posted 29 January 2023)

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