Summer, then and again (a poem)

Written while watching the movie 「コーヒーが冷めないうちに」 late last night…

I felt the rain
as I fell backwards
into the pool

The walls
became twelve feet high

I hadn’t seen the light
fall that way in years

(I’m not sure I even had my eyes open
the last time I drowned)

The trees dipped slightly
in acknowledgement
then dropped their leaves
to prepare for autumn

It used to be that drowning in her ocean
was all that I wanted—
the sting of tears
was meant to come from somewhere else

It’s not that the water is wide—
no, something has always kept us apart

(I confess I don’t know what to do about that

I think I’m looking for the metaphor
to meet the moment
when it will make the most sense
and the door will open
where the water is the deepest

Let’s go for a walk in the rain

(14 August 2022)

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