And then I came home (a poem)

Some days pop up in memory…

The idea of flying
has given me that feeling
in the pit of my stomach
ever since—

but they don’t make a train
that travels under the ocean

cruise ships are floating incubators
(and overpriced)

and I’m not a swimmer anymore

Some years
I forget all about it
then next thing I know
it’s September

Some years
I remember the day—

checking in at the terminal in the city

refusing the multiple-entry stamp
because I didn’t intend on coming back
anytime soon

buying the “Sting” watch
to use up some of my remaining cash

taking the xanax
to push the anxiety down
long enough to tough out the queue
and settle in before take-off

I’d never slept that long
during a flight before

When I got home
the weather was cool and cloudy

The feeling of defeat
was total

(31 July 2022)

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