The last few years it always rains on the 3rd of July (a poem)

In Western Washington, we tend to feel that summer weather doesn’t really begin until July 5th. Until then, it tends to be rainy, cool, and sort of gloomy. Like today…

I don’t know
who’s directing this picture
but I think I want my money back

I mean
the good guys keep losing
the bad guys never go to jail

and the most strident patriots
are all traitors

We’ve gone from
‘which one’s Steely Dan’
to being limited to six of them in Texas

(I hear it’s like a whole other country)

I never believed
in Morning in America
or the shining city on the hill

and I agree with George Carlin
that symbols are best left
to the symbol-minded

So cue the descending horn line
and lock all the doors—
dusk is approaching

(3 July 2022)

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