National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 27

My Day 27 poem, based on the prompt at

It’s a conundrum.
Wednesday is wearing her Sunday disguise again.

Wednesday often wears her Sunday disguise
but it’s always incomplete somehow.

Somehow, she always leaves out little details,
so it’s impossible to guess her intent—

impossible to tell whether she’s feeling lazy or playful,
or maybe a little forgetful.

A little forgetfulness now and then
isn’t going to hurt anyone.

I know Wednesday doesn’t want to hurt anyone;
but she forgets sometimes—

just like sometimes I forget that it’s not Sunday.
It’s a conundrum.

(27 April 2022)


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  1. When it finally did come, you did well! “Wednesday is wearing her Sunday disguise again” is a brilliant line. Who could not like a poem with that line in it?

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