National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 23

My Day 23 poem, based on the prompt at

Like the time Latka
hallucinated Wally Amos
because he wanted
to be famous
like ‘the Famous Amos’

Or the time Latka
turned into Vic Ferrari
who was never sorry
whether he was being suave
or being sleazy

Or the time Latka
was stranded in the taxi
with Allyce Beasley
and choosing between sex and death
made him uneasy

In his weakness
Latka was human—
but Simka knew
the truth right away:
You did it with another woman!

I really think Latka
was done kind of raw—
he didn’t get a real country
and only had ‘Latka’s lanugage’:
yaktabe and ibi da!

(written 22 April 2022—posted 23 April 2022)


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