National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 22

My Day 22 poem, based on the prompt at

Inclusive of the entire bracket of units
used to measure the durations of events
and intervals between events
the aggregations of cells
that constitute the unit known as Kevin
configure themselves in orientations
that are identical or near-identical
and exhibit identical or near-identical behaviors
at points distributed frequently
and almost evenly
along the horizontal axis
of the X-Y grid

Every complete cycle of elapsed time
I engage in similar actions
perform similar motions
speak similar words
and make similar sounds
at frequent intervals

I repeat myself every day
doing and saying the same things
over and over
in only slightly different ways

I did it today
and I’ll do it all again tomorrow

Same shit, different day

(written 21 April 2022—posted 22 April 2022)


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