National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 11

My Day 11 poem, based on the prompt at

I once thought my self-doubt
was the grandest thing in the universe
so dense and expansive—
just massive, really—
as to dwarf everything else

Of course, now I know better
that it is but a minor structure
occupying but a small city block
of the figurative architecture
that comprises my existence

No, there’s something grander—
something that looms above all
renders the galaxy a mere speck
on the wadded-up tissue
of the known universe

But nobody knows what it is—
in fact, nobody’s ever seen it

Sure, we all know it’s out there
and getting closer every day
but what it looks like?

There are no photographs
no films, no videos
no eyewitness reports

Only artist’s renderings
post-surgery anecdotes
philosophical theories
a few world religions
and the occasional delusion

Depending on who you believe
it’s either a paradise
a fire pit
or a black hole

We know only that it’s coming
and that’s all

If this is life, the universe, and everything
then it can only be Nothing
the Really Big Nothing
the Nothing that is, was,
and will be

That’s something, isn’t it?

(11 April 2022)


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  1. I like how you started with something so trivial, yet relevant like ‘self-doubt’ and went into something really, really big as the black hole.

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