National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 7

My Day 7 poem, based on the prompt at

It took me a while to arrive at this one; it was between ‘take the bad with the good’, ‘it is what it is’ (what else could it be?), and ‘love conquers all’.

I will never ‘take
the good with the bad’

I hear it all the time
but I refuse to do it

No, sir

‘Take the good with the bad’
is really ‘every cloud has a silver lining’
where one can frequently find
something good
in an otherwise bad situation

That’s not how it works

I will, however, take the bad
with the good
because I want the good—
we’re supposed to want the good

We want good things, don’t we?

But sometimes there’s some annoying stuff
that comes with those good things

We don’t want any of that
but we’ll take it
because the good things are so good

Y’all can have your silver linings
if that’s what you really want

Send the good stuff to me

(7 April 2022)


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