National Poetry Writing Month 2022, Day 5

My Day 5 poem, based on the prompt at

It is a little-known fact that Medusa
was the first to take selfies

For years, she struggled to sit
for the kind of portrait
found in other people’s homes

Alas, her rather unfortunate ‘condition’
meant that no photographer
could get near her

Not even one willing to die for their art

It was the failure
of a cleverly devised system of mirrors
intended to allow a prudent distance
between artiste and subject
that proved the final straw

The Gorgon screamed in frustration
and stormed into the next room
smashing every reflective surface along the way

She ripped the camera from the tripod
thrust it out in front of her
and then a blinding light filled the room

When the flash subsided
and the camera spit forth the picture
Medusa was smiling

None of the assembled statues dared stop her

(5 April 2022)


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