Dream journal, 9 October 2021

An unexpected dreaming phase happening lately…

A field of sound. Layering one sound upon another changes both in a fundamental way. The resulting box is unrecognizable.

Another sound layered upon another sound. This time, the result is stillness—a singular entity, present but without motion. It is neither continuous nor a pulse. Unchanging.

* * * * * * * * * *

Everybody is packing things up for the big move. I’m hoping I’ll have enough to complement the sounds from the earlier dream.

A woman resembling Maude (Bea Arthur) enters the room to hand out certificates to the new graduates. I scurry over to be the first in line, sliding to a stop and saying: “Hi!”

I go back to the room to retrieve things I haven’t packed yet, since this is my last chance. The long, narrow storage space has some stuff that appears to have been left by previous occupants—pieces of training equipment, attachments, and such.

I’m travelling through the air while listening to an interview on the radio. I carefully adjust my headphones so they won’t fall off, and the bags I’m carrying so I won’t drop them in the lake. 

I sense myself dozing off, so I open my eyes [in the dream]. I’m on a sofa in an empty room—I haven’t gone anywhere.

I go over to the clubhouse lounge area. As I’m standing there, rearranging a couple of the things I’m carrying, I hear the sound of glass breaking. I turn around and look down; one of the five glasses of water placed on the carpet has broken into several large segments, namely its intact sides and round bottom.

I carefully pick up the pieces to dispose of them. They are mostly rectangular and flat. A few of them have formed an envelope, which is partly filled with water. I tip it over to empty it out.

(9 October 2021)

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