Dream journal, 8 October 2021

An unexpected dreaming phase happening lately…

Heading out with a procession to the desert hills in search of the secret to destroying a curse. Someone is reading from the label of an old pickle jar, which is easily the size of a person’s head. Judging from the “octaroon” references, the jar is probably from the 1700s or 1800s. And Buddy Ebsen is King Arthur.

I get a phone call letting me know that something has been found. I leave the procession, going ahead until I arrive at a narrow, amber-lit cave, which is occupied by a cat and a large snake.

I’m instructed to say a specific phrase that will get the snake’s attention. I say it. The snake stops moving, and raises its head to look in my direction.

* * * * * * * * * *

Armed with the secret, I explain to the mysterious figures I’ve been speaking with that I know what to do. I go home and explain this to Alex as well.

I am soon heading out with two bags, both full. One is a medium-sized paper bag, which I have partly rolled up and am carrying under my arm. The other is a standard kitchen trash bag, white. It is still open, but I cinch it shut as I walk.

I get to the corner and wait for the light. The other walk signal lights, so I cross that way first.

The apartment complex across the street is busy—some kind of festivities going on—so I walk along the street for a minute, attempting to be nonchalant. When I’m sure no one is paying attention, I cross to that side of the street and approach the building from the other direction.

The trash dumpster is packed. In addition to the usual bags of trash, there are at least a half-dozen rolls of old carpet. I spot a couple of spaces in the dumpster and place the bags there. I put the paper bag in first, then the kitchen trash bag, and gently push them down into place. I then casually walk away, hoping no one has noticed.

I return to the apartment and tell Alex the job is done.

Note: Alex is my ex-wife.

(written 8 October 2021—posted October 9th)

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