Dream journal, 23 September 2021

An unexpected dreaming phase happening these last couple weeks or so…

Pt. 1 – Sarah Silverman

I’m walking along the walkway of a second-floor atrium. I hear sounds coming from a stage not far ahead, on my right. I stop to observe what turns out to be a young woman’s solo stage performance (monologue). I recognize her, but can’t quite place who she is. (She resembles a cross between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Natasha Lyonne.)

The performance ends. I continue on until I walk into a room where Sarah Silverman is conducting a small workshop, with about 5 or 6 people seated at a conference table. I have to play catch-up, but I hope that observing what the other folks are doing will help me figure out what I’m supposed to be doing.

My turn comes. Another guy begins his presentation in the corner of the room. Sarah interrupts him to say that it’s Circus’s turn (somehow I’ve picked up the nickname “Circus”). He counters that his project is ready, whereas I haven’t even started yet.

I interrupt their back and forth and urge him to continue; I don’t mind. (I figure this gives me more time, and decide I’ll try to do my presentation as a poem.)

The workshop ends. A moment or two later, I learn that it was not a workshop, but a class intended for registered students. I look for my registration slip to see when and where my next class is—hoping that it won’t be at 7:30 the next morning.

Pt. 2 – The house

I’m in the sparsely furnished living room of a house with several other people. We’ve got a line of computer monitors set up at the foot of a very large bed. I’m trying to work on my presentation for Sarah Sliverman’s class, but am not getting very far.

Noticing a presence to my right, I turn to see a young woman sleeping on her side next to me. I nudge her over to retrieve my laptop, pen, and notebook, while complaining that I’m trying to finish a presentation.

Somebody asks were Cecil is. I reach over the edge of the sunken-room border next to me and point. I then jump down there myself, as there is clearly no room up here for me to sleep to night. I manage to accomplish this without disturbing Cecil, who is the only other person in this part of the house.

Pt. 3 – The book

Morning comes. I leave. I get in the car and take an almost circular path to get to what appears to be the same house I just left.

I’m sitting on a couch in an office-sized room with one of those frosted glass doors (like the kind used in old office buildings), and having a discussion with a few other people. Alex emerges from somewhere, wearing a blue patterned dress. She dives over my shoulder, towards my feet, and to the floor. When I look over my lap, she is not there.

I leave the room and head down the hallway to search for the library where I was looking at a book the night before. Each doorway has a label above it, including a brief description of what’s in the room. I’m looking for Room B, because that letter featured prominently on the book’s cover.

The signs for A and B both look like they could be correct; I walk into Room A. The clerk offers to help, so I try to describe the book, and explain that I was just looking at it last night. Still, this office does not look like the right room; then again, neither does Room B.

* * * * * * * * * *

As previously noted: Alex is my ex-wife. 

(23 September 2021—typed & posted 3 October 2021)

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