Dream journal, 2 October 2021

An unexpected dreaming phase happening these last couple weeks or so…

A large gathering at a convention center—lots of people in white robes (like choir robes). It appears to have been organized by Marko; either way, he is also there.

I’m looking for somebody in a café or lounge area. About 20 feet in front of me, a group of people are dancing in a chorus line.

These are not the people I’m looking for.

I turn to the right and head towards the windows. Another group are seated on one side of the tables, singing “Pilentze Pee”. I don’t know any of these people either.

As I walk around, some folks seem to recognize me, and smile or nod in acknowledgement. But none address me by name.

A half-naked woman passes in front of me on her way out to the terrace. She is wearing black lingerie, the kind you’d find in an intimates catalog or a burlesque show in a cabaret. As she walks by, I hear her complaining that this is a bad time for the condition she now has to have started.

On the other side of the door, I spot my glasses on a computer keyboard out on the terrace. I retrieve them, but find myself wondering when I got them; I know they’re mine, but they don’t look familiar.

I run into Marko, who says he’ll meet me upstairs. I exit the building, because going around will take less time than looking for the stairway.

While outside, I almost walk in to an upscale drinking establishment—but decide against it, because I don’t want to spend that much money, and I don’t drink brandy that often.

When I get to the right place, I have to squeeze by a Hungarian couple (in formal wear) to get past their table. A few moments later, I find a place to sit. I doze off.

I wake up momentarily to find a woman’s arm draped over my torso; her head is resting on my shoulder. She has either a light brown complexion or a deep tan. However, I can’t see who she is because her hair is covering her face. I take a second look to make sure I’m not dreaming, then close my eyes.

When I open them again, she is gone.

Inside my wallet is a business card with the name of an organization on it. I have a feeling it may have been left there by one of the women I encountered earlier, but I can’t be sure.

I get up and walk through a dining area in another part of the facility, but I don’t see anyone I recognize. Half the tables are empty anyway.

When I walk through the exit, I spot a young woman in the hallway. Apparently rehearsing a monologue (or having a conversation using a cell phone I don’t see), she does not notice me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am lying down. I am being examined by a young Indian eye doctor—who is also examining the young blonde woman seated next to me. It occurs to me that overhearing their conversation would violate her privacy, so I offer to go somewhere else until they’re done. I end up staying, though, because I would have to go between them to leave.

* * * * * * * * * *

A couple of notes: Marko is a friend of mine who has a knack for organizing stuff. I don’t know how I know that the couple were Hungarian. They were very nicely dressed, though.

(2 October 2021—typed & posted October 3rd)

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