So I remember (a poem)

Last night, I was watching some concert footage on YouTube of a Japanese singer I’ve been listening to a long time. Between the nostalgia and the first line of a Patti Smith Instagram post, I ended up writing this.

The beloved prima
a journey beyond the planets
and the plants of her ill-tended garden

Lighter than air with a hint of sweet
she is my proof that memory is feeling

No matter how fleeting, when it’s strong
the feeling lingers on and on and on

The beloved madonna
a room in a house, far, far away
depths unrevealed, only hinted

Maybe a sweet dream, maybe a raincloud
the mystery lingers on and on and on

Somewhere there’s an awning
where we take shelter from the downpour

The beloved, sweet mystery
a quizzical look from a long hot summer
a feeling I’ve not let go

A planet whose orbit is coming around again
to remind me that love is strong

Be it unblinking stare, be it fleeting glimpse
the feeling lingers on and on and on

(28 May 2021—posted May 29th)

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