Write to fill the shape, not the page (a poem)

A small experiment. Apart from the stanza to which strikethrough text has been applied, I have not yet edited this poem.

Photograph of the poem in handwritten form, with the text fitting within the outlines of the letter T.

Pretend she is in your living room
reading a book
or sketching something from her imagination

Ask her if she’ll visit
the next time she dreams

Ask her if she’s read
the poem that wrote itself

Say nothing
take in the moment
and let it bubble and flow
outside the cup

When you see
the light through the curtains
take an extra breath
and let it out for twice as long

Don’t ask her
to show you the sketch

Instead ask her to dream it
so you’ll recognize her
when she visits next time

What metaphors would you use
to describe what she means to you?

What metaphors would you use her
to describe?

When the moment is over
how do you know if it lasted long enough?

Some would argue
about the assertion that
Red Vines are better than Twizzlers
but I don’t have that problem

How come her metaphors
are always better than mine?

Is it desire
or the lack of sugar
in my morning coffee?

Is this the right shape?

(25 April 2021)

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  1. I like your poem in conjunction with the photo you chose. It all just works so well together. I also like this concept of writing to fill the shape. Thanks for this post!

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