National Poetry Writing Month 2021, Day 17: Estranged

My Day 17 poem is my response to the prompt, which is to write a poem about the moon.

We’re strangers these days,
the moon and I.

Used to be I’d take a picture
on nights she looked particularly striking.

Later, she was a ritual we followed,
pointing every time she made an appearance.

Then she was a reminder
of what I had lost.

Now she’s a once-in-a-while sighting
when I get home later than usual.

Mostly she stays in her space
and I stay in mine.

(17 April 2021)



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  1. So many of us Earthlings become lunarly-estranged over time, but then — WHAMMO! — there she is again, rekindling the romance. Maybe it’s just for a moment, but there’s no denying…
    Fine work, KO.

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