National Poetry Writing Month 2021, Day 6: It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering

My Day 6 poem is my response to the prompt, which is to use a short line from a favorite book as the title of a poem, write a poem based on that title, and then replace the title with something completely different. I started out with a line from the 2006 translation of Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius: 

‘…there are two reasons why you should be content with your experience.’

The last time we met,
we went to Disneyland.

I don’t remember much
except that it was evening,
we took a couple of photos,
and I think neither one of us
left satisfied.


The summer we first met,
we discovered we had a mutual love
of Karla Bonoff.

You asked me to sing
one of her songs,
but I was shy.


I shouldn’t have worn flip-flops
the day we went to Himeji Castle.


The time we went to see
It Couldn’t Happen Here
at New Year’s
was the last time I went to a theater
where you could sit down
during the middle of a movie
and then stay long enough
to sit through the first part of the next showing
and leave when it got to where you came in.


This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
is a clip show.

I haven’t been watching long,
but I know a clip show
when I see one.

At the very least,
that was way too much
to fit into a single episode,
especially with the plot
jumping around like that.

(5 April 2021 – posted April 6th)

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