National Poetry Writing Month 2021, Day 3: When rain pelts the windows on a stormy night

My Day 3 poem is my response to the prompt, which is to create a Personal Universal Deck (details in the linked post) and then use it to write a poemMy poem is based on these words: ambivalence, petrichor, tumble (I also drew ‘shout’ and ‘dance’, but they didn’t fit the shape the poem was taking).

No room for nostalgia,
but longing insistent.

No tears,
but colours tentative, muted.

Shelter under an awning.

A rough tumble
into the vortex.

Signs warnings,
warnings signs.

Shelter under an awning.

No room for nostalgia,
and yet, something…

(2 April 2021 – posted April 3rd)

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