National Poetry Writing Month 2021, Day 2: No Monday-morning quarterbacks allowed

My Day 2 poem is my response to the prompt, which is to write a poem about one’s own road not taken.

We have a predilection
for the post-game analysis
for postulating what might have happened
had that one play in the second quarter
gone the other way

But we all know
that the second-quarter injury
the fumble late in the third quarter
and the last-ditch onside kick in the fourth quarter
are the highlights of the game

To pretend otherwise ignores the truth
that without errors, penalties, bad calls, bruises
and the occasional Hail Mary
we’d have one boring-ass game
we could have stayed home and watched on TV

Sure, maybe this is a crappy game
both teams are having a bad day
the refs—well, you know refs
the guy next to me just went to the concession stand
for the third time this quarter
the metal seat is making my ass hurt
and it’s about to start pouring down rain

But this is where I am
and what I’m doing

Yeah, I could have gone somewhere else
and done something else
and maybe things would be different

But this is who I am
and where I am
and what I’m doing

Speculation about what might have been
is pointless

(1 April 2021 – posted April 2nd)



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  1. Nicely done analogy, Kevin. Attempting to alter and/or re-interpret the instant replay never changes the outcome anyway, does it?

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