On my 58th birthday (a poem)

I usually either make a mix or write something. This time, I wrote something.

I may never feel
a love supreme
but I can listen to the sax, bass, piano, and drums
and be lifted an inch or two
while the hot coffee warms my limbs
and the worries of the day disappear
for a moment

They tore down my grandparents’ house the other day
I saw the fenced-in rubble on my way home from the store

The days of roller derby on TV are long, long gone
along with the smoke from my grandfather’s pipe
my grandmother’s blankets on the sofa
the Victrola in the attic
and the art-deco Westinghouse fridge in the kitchen

I saw a piece of radiator in the rubble
Was it the one I used to place my hand over
on chilly Xmas mornings?

It seems I am not immune to the things I have read about

My body is also capable of clogging up, breaking down, and wearing out

And it’s just as much of a shock to me as it is to others

Now I know why people talk about their aches and pains and maladies
as they get older

It’s just so hard to believe

Yesterday, The Stranger wrote:
“We will remember March 16 as the day time really happened to many of us for the first time.”

In my case, that is literally true
Time happened to me for the first time on March 16th

Every year (so far), it starts again

The package I was hoping would arrive today
is now expected tomorrow

The package I was wondering about
arrived today

And I got a gift card in the mail
so another package will be arriving tomorrow

As the changing of the guard approaches
I am reminded it’s time to get moving

The muddy sound of an engine outside
tells me there’s work to be done

With this, I mark the day

(16 March 2021—posted March 17th)

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