The Annual Charity Breakfast and Arms Junket of the Order of Benevolent Thrushes of St. Andrew’s Meadow (a poem)

My recent adventures in sound inspired the title.

I don’t even know what a thrush sounds like

My first impulse would be to see a doctor to get rid of it
because I’ve seen photos, and it’s disgusting—
especially with all that talk of ‘foul-smelling discharge’

But I did look them up
and they’re cute little birds
that do cute little bird stuff, I suppose

I’m more partial to crows, however

They seem like the kind of bird
you could just hang out with
once they got to know you

When I see one in the grocery store parking lot
I usually share a piece of my bagel with it

I hope crows like everything bagels…

(11 March 2021—posted March 13th)

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