Sit serene beside me (a poem)

A single line noted in the middle of the night
YouTube videos of Otomo Yoshihide turntable performances
+ white noise background videos
+ Empress Rose
+ random words (Heseltine, alters, mourtain or sea)

Sit serene beside me

Maybe it’s going to rain
a stormy night all white noise
and turntable howl

A glass of wine, a Heseltine red
rests lonely on a table
across the room

Sit serene beside me

I am a connoisseur
of uneven surfaces
I don’t know how to navigate

Someday this will all be
mountain or sea

Sit serene beside me

Skin on skin where words fail
and the cards are unreadable
and dense

Eyes opened or closed
if you see me
I am seen

Sit serene beside me

I cannot describe the scene
though I know it
I know it

Film exposed alters
I know we will endure
when the smoke clears

Sit serene beside me

In the hazy light of morning
it may help
to know you’re there

Don’t wait for me
to fall apart
I need the invitation

(3 February 2021)

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