Three premises having nothing to do with the photograph of a man on television in Hong Kong (circa 1980) hanging on my living room wall (a poem)

Inspired by the cover of the Haruomi Hosono album The Endless Talking, plus a few stray thoughts.

in the shape of a horse

A bot
preparing for winter

Stripes and candyfloss
masquerading as Something Important

How much of the cascade
has been created for entertainment?

(The directions are unclear; to follow them could result in a coffee table, that part that screws on to the ends of binoculars, clouds of smoke over California, or the end of democracy as we know it.)

A horse
in the shape of fiction

preparing for the crystal invasion

Something Important
about stripes and candyfloss in disguise

Art flows over the landscape
a cascade of manufactured questions
and subconscious feelings

(It could be the end of democracy as we know it, clouds formed by burning forest, a section of the landfill reserved for discarded binocular parts, or a coffee table that has bruised one too many shins and must now be splintered. The meaning is unclear.)

A fictional horse
galloping across the winter landscape

Something Important is afoot
but only the horse knows for sure

And she’s not talking

(6 September 2020)

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