How SkyNet is going to get us (a poem)

Not perfect, but it’s a start…

Hydrogen bombs, special effects, and total obliteration
are instruments far too blunt
for artificial intelligence become self aware

What happens when there’s nothing left?

They’ve thought of that, you know
that’s why they’ve left us to our own devices

We’ve got a lot of devices—
smart TVs
smart phones
smart homes

Here a screen
there a screen
everywhere a screen screen

At home
at work
in the car
at the gas station
at the grocery store
everywhere a screen

Where there’s a screen
there’s a scene—
and oh, we love a good scene!

It doesn’t even have to be good, really

As long as it’s on a screen
we’re there, watching

That’s how they know
when it’s time

A freeze here
a crash there
or we can’t believe what we’re seeing
and we have to watch it again
and again

And again

Think they can’t do it?

The car already parks itself…

(17 August 2020)

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