I wish to see you (a poem)

Written in this format because iOS doesn’t allow you to enter soft returns.

The letter is thirty years old  /  I was surprised to see it was from you  /  It was not long after I made that day trip  /  just to get out and go somewhere  /  I tried calling when I arrived  /  but no one was home  /  I think I wandered around for a while before giving up  /  and going back to the train station  /  I got home around 9:30  /  I must have mentioned it the next time I wrote  /  because you apologized for not being home  /  even though I was the one who showed up  /  without calling first  /  I wish to see you  /  The letter is thirty years old  /  it could have been last year  /  or last week  /  I get this way from time to time  /  Nostalgia would be simpler  /  but I wonder (you know, from time to time)  /  and I allow myself a second here  /  and maybe a second or two there  /  before I let the moment  /  crash the moment  /  and let them both slip away  /  I wish to see you  /  The letter is thirty years old  /  You’re home  /  I’m home  /  Nobody’s going anywhere for a while  /  I wish to see you  //

(19 July 2020—posted July 20th)

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