a centimeter or two to the left (a poem)

Reversing my usual scheme now, so the poem is no longer in italics (except for the occasional italicized word).

the sensation is always foreign
a centimeter or two to the left
and it would escape
without ever identifying itself

it may still

in this stillness
each time I open my eyes
I have travelled somewhere
but ended up here

always here, again

I have memories of somewhere
they come back sometimes
but step around me
a centimeter or two to the left

they never identify themselves

the double-vision smokestacks
strike place and time
as unpredictably as they appear
before the cut

a familiar sensation

a centimeter or two to the left
would have changed everything
the dream would have unfolded
without anyone ever knowing

I barely remember

every night now
the dreams I have
step a centimeter or two to the left
without ever identifying themselves

the way dreams do

(2 July 2020)

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