What’s up, Doc? (a poem)

Guess what movie I’ve been watching…

Barbra Streisand keeps calling Ryan O’Neal “Steve”
but it’s endearing, not irritating
and the 3o-year-old Barbra is good at comedy
with a lightness and soft edges
that didn’t survive the curly perm
that clung to her for years
after it first showed up in A Star Is Born

(She’s also the only character in the movie whose hairline forms a nearly perfect diagonal from her neck to her forehead. But I digress…)

Then she follows him everywhere—
the drugstore, the banquet, his hotel room, the reception—
but it’s 1972, so nobody’s thinking
about restraining orders
and she really is looking out for him

And, as we learn at the end
he loves her, too
so it’s cute when she mockingly recites
the famous soppy sentiment from Love Story:
“Love means never having to say you’re sorry”

(Even though the close-up reminds me of MAD magazine or Spitting Image portraying her as cross-eyed…)

Plus I remember the Saturday afternoon matinee
with my folks (or was it a Sunday?)
at the theater where they later showed Star Wars

(It was sunny that day, too, as I recall…)

(28 May 2020)

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