DM (a poem)

Mother’s Day, 2020…

The last time I saw her laughing
may have been one of the first—
four minutes of celluloid from 1964

There I was—
and the cat
and the dog
and my dad with the camera

All colour, no sound
not even a memory

The day before I left
I saw tears in her eyes
as she turned to go up the stairs

She must not have seen
that things have a way of changing

Not all goodbyes are forever

I learned she had a sense of humor

Though I’ve forgotten it now
I remember laughing

The last thing she said
as she looked me in the eyes
was ‘8:15’

I replied ‘okay’

Not all goodbyes are ‘goodbye’

(10 May 2020)

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2 thoughts on “DM (a poem)

  1. this is tender tinged with sad. something about it really resonates, as Mothering sometimes stops even though the relationship still exists.

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