At least now the killer bees will have someone to play with (a poem)

Brought on by articles in the New York Times and Washington Post

April was cruel

April lulled me into complacency
or at least a sense that it was all turning around

I can’t say I’d come through unscathed
but I was feeling much better than you’d expect

The sun was warming up again
I’d wake up in the morning
to my blankets pushed to the floor
then open up the curtains
to let light flood the room

I’ve been lucky so far
the sick, dead, and dying have been all the news
while I stay up late and sleep in whenever I want
I’ve got nowhere to go
but I have somewhere to be

But I forgot that things have a way of coming back
and almost never the way you’d expect
so when a Thursday morning in August
came back as a Wednesday morning in April
I had no feet with which to stand my ground

Now I have to find my footing again
just as the world outside is sinking into chaos
May is unrolling slowly
nobody has a clue
as to where she might be heading

And now the murder hornets have arrived

(2 May 2020)

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